2023-2024 Teachers

Pre-K: Sandy Marcella & Katherine Reynoso

Grades K-2: Julie Cherian & Silvia and Larry Gallagher

Grades 3-4: Amy and Jim Aynedjian & Ariadne Elefther

Grades 5-7: Jessica Ayala

Grades 8-12: Benny Samuel

Helpers: Dave Ackerman, Daniella Araoz, Barrie Facente, Leonor Melendez, Joe Milcetic, Millie Nazarian, Sheryl Samuel, Jasmine Shishmanian, and Alba Simon

Subs: Barrie and Craig Facente


Pre-K (ages 3-5): Students will meet in the Cubbies room near the gym area to engage in The Gospel Project curriculum on their own individual level.

Grades K-2: Students will meet in Room 4 and engage in The Gospel Project curriculum.

Grades 3-4: Students will meet in the Kitchen Area to engage in and dive deeper into scripture using The Gospel Project curriculum.

Grades 5-7: Students will meet in Room 5 to dig deeper into scripture memory and Bible study. 

Grades 8-12: The students will meet in the Fireplace Room where they will engage in a series called, “The Gospel from Garden to Garden.”