Virtual Awana 2020-2021

How old does my child have to be to join Awana?

Your clubber needs to be three years old by October 1, 2020 to enter the Cubbies program this year. If they miss the deadline, please plan to register them the following year.

What will Virtual Awana look like for my clubber?

Each Wednesday your clubber will access a virtual classroom on Google Slides where they will be able to interact with their virtual leaders each week. Clubbers can listen to a weekly lesson and earn awards for saying their verses and completing sections in their handbook.

Can I access the virtual classroom only on a computer or can I use my smart phone?

Both! If you are using a computer, the virtual classroom will work best when using Google Chrome. Remember to put the slideshow in Present mode as this will help you be able to click on links more easily.

If you are using a smart phone, download the Google Slides app to view the slideshow and put it in Present mode as well.

How will my clubber share verses and/or their completed section in their handbook?

Clubbers will use Padlet to either post an existing video recording of themselves saying their verses OR they can record directly onto Padlet

Padlet is password protected. We recommend that clubbers do not post their last names when recording their verses or videos.  Each club has their own Padlet and corresponding password in order to be able to post their videos

Padlet? Is this an app or something I need to download?

Padlet is a web app that allows users to post to a digital wall. Check out Mrs. Amanda’s short tutorial on Padlet found here.

When posting to Padlet, you will need a Google, Microsoft, or Apple login. Padlet works best when in Google Chrome if you are using a computer.

Is there a deadline for my clubber to post their verses to Padlet each week?

Yes! Clubbers have from Wednesday when they receive their Google Slides until Sunday evening at 7pm to interact with the classroom and record their verses on Padlet. Leaders will then check verses and make comments on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday you will have access to the next week’s Google Slides.

Will my clubber still be able to earn awards this year? How?

Your clubbers will still have the opportunity to earn awards as they work through their books! Four times throughout the year we will have a Drive-By Award Night where you can come by the chapel to pick up any awards they have earned up until that point.

Will there be an Awana store?

Unfortunately, there will not be an Awana store this year.

I see the Awana Calendar includes theme nights, how will my child participate?

We will still have our schedule for the year with some theme nights. On those theme nights we would love it if you would record your videos while wearing the Silly Hat or your Football Jersey!

Why is there a registration fee this year? What does this cost cover?

To keep money exchange contactless and to cover the cost of materials, there will be a registration fee of $30 per child starting this year. Families with two or more clubbers will only have to pay $60 total. Scholarships are available. Please contact if you need help financially. You will be able to pay the registration fee online when registering.

Who do I reach out to if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our Club Directors via email if you have any questions: