All Activities On-Line


9:00AM – Bible Hour (on-line)

Jon Hayes – Missionary, Niger


6:00PM – Sunday Evening Study

Awana Update: Many of the leaders and clubbers are communicating regularly through e-mail (including videos!) to say versus and get awards. It’s working well and is very encouraging. Please try to stay connected in these difficult times.

This Week

The following groups are currently meeting via Zoom.  Please contact the group host if you would like to participate and do not already have the participation information.


12:00 Noon: Women’s Prayer Meeting
Host: Mary Beth Seely (

8:00pm: Men’s Group, 1 Thessalonians
Host: Nicholas Elefther (


7:00am: Men’s Prayer Meeting
Host: Nicholas Elefther (

7:30pm: Growth Group, “The Story”
Host: Vic Myers (

7:30pm: Growth Group, Romans
Host: Bob Hayes (


7:00am: Missionary Prayer Meeting
Host: Bob Hayes (


7:00am: Men’s Prayer Meeting
Host: Nicholas Elefther (

Note: there are a few other on-going meetings that have been taking place regularly and continue to take place via Zoom. These regularly scheduled groups REMAIN ACTIVE and are taking place at the normal times, so please continue to participate. They do not appear in this list because the nature place the groups are at right now do not lend themselves well to new people joining “mid stream”.