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Who is it for:        

Anyone interested in a weekly meeting to study God’s word and to be with His people.


What are we studying:

1) Bible Project: Monday – Hawthorne

Tuesday – Twp. of Washington


Reading through the Bible with the aid of summary videos on each book of the Bible.  Our focus is breadth rather than depth in this group.


2) Ephesians:       Tuesday – Twp. of Washington


Bible study on the book of Ephesians.  Learning about the calling and the conduct of the church.


3) Apologetics:    Thursday – Hawthorne


Apologetics is defined as defending the faith.  Christian thinking has always been challenged by the culture.  Through the study of apologetics we learn tools that give us the ability to discern the difference between worldly and biblical thinking.


Why we do it:

Provide an opportunity for people to meet during the week to study God’s Word, encourage one another to live godly lives, and to support one another through prayer.



How you can sign up

Figure out a night that you can commit to meeting.  Reach out to one of the elders or email